Why are your cups made of rice husks?

Rice husk waste is a potential environmental hazard as, when burned, it pollutes the land. We eat so much rice and then try every way in which to get rid of the rice husks, even in ways that may be harmful to the environment. So we've taken those rice husks and we made products out of them that can be recycled and reduce waste-related pollution. Cool, right?


What colours and sizes do your cups come in?

Currently, we have three colours; pistachio, rose and duck egg. Along with two sizes, regular and large. Check out our Products page to view our range.


Where can I buy Huski Home cups?

You can order Huski Home cups from our website, but you might be seeing us at certain retailers soon. Check out our range on our Products page. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest to stay up to date with what we're doing and where we're going.


How can I get involved with your social media?

Why don't you snap a pic of yourself and your Huski Home cup out on the town? Our social media promotes green and earth-friendly initiatives and we like our family to join in on the fun. Hashtag #HuskiHome.


What are the white handles made of? Are they also biodegradable?

Our cups are mainly Rice Husk (the most possible without them disintegrating) bound with polypropylene because its environmental impact is among the lowest of any material, synthetic or traditional, and is produced from natural polyolefin resins which allow it to breakdown and biodegrade. The white handle is polypropylene and yes it is biodegradable.


What is the bottom non-slip material?

The bottom is a foam non-slip material. It’s NOT biodegradable but stops the cup from slipping around or scratching surfaces. We felt that it had more benefits than not using at all. We will have ideas on our website on how to reuse this part around the home when the cup comes to the end of its lifecycle as a cup.


Tea or coffee?



I still have questions!

Cool! Visit our Contact page to ask us anything you like!