About Us

We’re Lisa and Luke, and together we created Huski Home to contribute to the collective movement towards a more sustainable future. Our goal was to create products that could reduce existing plastic or single-use items tHuski Home - About Page Family.JPGhat were essential to our everyday routines, create a business that was sustainable, and produce products that could help everyone make small changes to become more green.

Huski Home was inspired by our son Leo, who was appointed to be an eco-warrior at school. He started to question us on changes we could make at home to become more sustainable and reduce waste. This led us to research and develop products that could make a real difference. In the UK alone, we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, amounting to around 2.5 billion every year, of which 182 million ends up on our streets and in our oceans. Following our initial research, we decided to develop our merchandise from bi-products as we felt these were underutilised and could solve an issue without creating a new one, or exhausting existing resources.

Throughout our research and development, we came to realise that the journey to sustainability was not about perfection, but everyone making small changes to see a collective difference and learn from one another.

After a year of research and development,  the Huski Home rice husk travel cups were born. We have since evolved into our coconut products and grass straws. We felt all of these products complemented each other, as they could be easily swapped into your daily routine.

Our son made us realise the real need for change, giving us the drive to make a sustainable future that is better for him and our other children, Zara and Jude. Seeing our vision materialise and grow, has been amazing. Every day our work is rewarding because our customers and stockists share our vision for a sustainable future. It’s a delight to be a part of something that will make a real impact, whilst engaging with something we’re so passionate about daily.